What is Happy Kids Happy You?

book cover      What is Happy Kids Happy You?

Good communication skills are often overlooked or taken for granted and yet they are at the heart of positive, fulfilling relationships. How you relate to and communicate with your child makes all the difference!

Happy Kids Happy You gives you a “toolkit” of methods for communicating effectively with your children, nurturing mutual respect, confidence and happiness in your relationships. It gives you ways to:

  • choose words that work to get great results, quickly and easily
  • use actions that help you understand your child better
  • change your thoughts in challenging situations, to find new solutions
  • be in a better mood more of the time, for everyone’s benefit
  • enjoy learning alongside your children on your parenting journey.

As the name implies, Happy Kids Happy You focuses on your needs – Happy You – as well as the needs of your children – Happy Kids. You are a key part of the relationship and have a major effect on the results you get.

Happy Kids Happy You is often referred to as a “toolkit” of methods, because each method is like a tool that can be used to good effect in many different situations. Also, like tools, there is no single method that will work all the time in all situations. The method that worked well last week may not work this week; situations change as your children grow, learn and adapt.

You are the expert on your family and your children. Happy Kids Happy You helps you find what’s going to work for you, for the situation you’re in. And, with increasing choice and flexibility, if the first method you try doesn’t fit, you’ll simply move on to another. So build your Happy Kids Happy You toolkit. You too can achieve more of what you want in your family life on a day to day basis.

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