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Sue Sept 2012

Meet Sue

Sue is the creator of Happy Kids Happy You. With firsthand experience of using NLP to transform her approach with her own children – for the better! – she was driven to share these benefits with other parents. She is passionate about helping parents gain the benefits of good communication skills, enjoying easier, happier relationships with their children, becoming more positive and confident, and passing these skills on to their children. She is a qualified trainer, coach and NLP Master Practitioner, and an author and speaker on NLP and parenting.

This is how Sue describes how Happy Kids Happy You came about:

Despite all the life skills I had gained prior to having children, and despite attending all the antenatal and parenting classes on offer and reading all the books I could lay my hands on – I like to be prepared! – becoming a parent was a huge shock. Nothing had prepared me for the sleepless nights and the relentless 24/7 dependence of my child on me. Overnight, I’d gone from professional woman to milk production unit!

Whilst on the outside, I was doing an OK job, on the inside I was really struggling. I got ideas from various books on what to do in particular situations with my child, but nothing was helping me to get to grips with my new life; to feel more confident, more in control… at least in control of myself! Despite really wanting to do a good job, my child seemed to delight in doing all the things I told her not to do! I seemed to be saying “No!” all the time, shouting and “losing it”, focusing on the negatives and feeling guilty.

In 2002, between having my two children, I studied NLP. It had an immediate and major impact on my life for the better. I found really quick and simple ways to choose words that worked to get my child to happily and easily do what I needed her to do. I found much more useful ways to think about and resolve situations that really challenged me.

NLP continues to shape the way I go about things, especially how I think about and communicate with my children. I can communicate more usefully and respectfully to get the results I want more of the time. I can set and maintain boundaries more respectfully and kindly. We have more fun more of the time.

Because NLP made such a difference for me, I wanted to share these benefits with other parents. I started developing the Happy Kids Happy You “toolkit” of methods, delivering workshops, coaching and practice groups to parents in my local area, and it’s grown from there! I now deliver a growing range of Happy Kids Happy You services and products to parents and practitioners all over the world, including workshops, seminars and coaching, and products such as my book and key cards.

Using NLP to bring out the best in ourselves and the children we care for