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Mel Browne is an experienced adult educator and a mum to three girls. She first met Sue Beever when their first children were small and they were both a little bewildered by the new roles they were playing. She attended the first workshops Sue ran and has been a fan of Happy Kids Happy You ever since.

Mel trained as an adult educator after becoming a mum, and starting teaching antenatal classes for the NCT, which she still does. In 2013, Mel added a postnatal support service to her portfolio and in 2014, a business support service. It is in that latter role that Sue and Mel decided to work together to promote the courses and the Facilitator Package that was created to enable trainers to run them.

Mel is now working on a project to bring Happy Kids Happy You to a wider audience, both in the UK and internationally. To contact Mel directly, email on mel@happykids-happyyou.co.uk.

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