The Facilitator Package

In 2014, Happy Kids Happy You is taking the next step and licensing facilitators to deliver the highly successful workshops themselves.

When you’re teaching a new course, there’s a lot of work to do: you need to decide on the overall structure of the course, the individual sessions and activities, and produce course materials. Then you need to write a session plan and produce visual aids.

With the Happy Kids Happy You course, this has all been done for you by experienced facilitators.

The Facilitator Package comes complete with:

  • an outline and syllabus
  • session plans including a checklist and a timed activity plan
  • all the visual aids and course materials you will need

These materials are provided in both soft copy and hard copy format so you will have all the files you need electronically and also a hard copy folder to refer to.

Ongoing skype support can be provided once the package has been purchased.  With this package, you will have everything you need to deliver high-quality courses to parents and child care professionals.

To find out more or to order a Facilitator Package, contact:

Mel Browne on

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