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We are Sue Beever and Mel Browne. Sue is the author of the book Happy Kids Happy You and Mel is the adult educator taking the lead on bringing the message to a wider audience. Firstly, a word from Sue:

I have developed Happy Kids Happy You to share what works in good communication with other parents: how to use our words, actions and thinking to get great results with the children we care for and build mutual respect, confidence and happiness in our relationships with them.

As the name suggests, Happy Kids Happy You places equal importance on us as parents, meeting our needs alongside those of our children: we’re much more likely to respond positively to the everyday challenges of family life if we’re taking care of ourselves and feeling good!

Through the Happy Kids Happy You courses, we have been able to share these great techniques with parents and also with child care professionals, so they can work with parents to build positive relationships with the children they care for.

NEWS FLASH – Mel is running a course in Harrogate in Sep 2014. See the diary page for more information.

Sue x

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Carlos

    Lovely to hear from you – thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed the book – it has made an impact on my life too.

    I hope that we will soon be able to direct you to someone who is running Happy Kids Happy You courses in Portugal, as part of my role is to promote this material internationally. Or perhaps, as an NLP trainer yourself, you would like to be that person. If you would like to hear more about the Facilitation Package, which will enable you to run your own Happy Kids Happy You courses, have a look at that page, or contact me directly at mel@happykids-happyyou.co.uk

    One of things it might be nice to do is to establish a virtual practice group of people who are using the techniques – perhaps through the website or maybe some other platform. What do you think?


  2. Hello Christine,

    Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your comments about the book, and for suggesting that parents get a copy. I certainly find mine very useful and use the methods frequently, even now my children are older.

    I wonder if you might want to set up a practise group in your area, either for face-to-face meetings or email interaction. Do you know others who have read the book and are using the methods? Perhaps you could suggest some group emails to share what you’re doing and get some ideas from others. What do you think?

    There is no-one in Australia running HKHY workshops at the moment – how would you like to start running them yourself? It would certainly involve an investment of time and some money, but it would be a great way to develop your skills and bring the methods to a wider audience. And perhaps to create a business for yourself as well.

    I will pass on your lovely comments to Sue, who wrote the book :)


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